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La vita è bella!

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LJ's first resource for WWE divas: Brie & Nikki
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Welcome to THEBELLATWINS, your first & newest livejournal community dedicated to WWE divas: Nicole & Brie Bella. Feel free to post any news or pictures, but please read the rules first ♥


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» Be respectful of each other and please do not bash one another (or Nicole & Brie, for that matter).
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Scottsdale, Arizona’s Brie Bella made her debut on Smackdown in summer 2008 and made an immediate impact on the Divas Division. On her debut night, Brie defeated former Women’s Champion Victoria, showing that this half-Mexican, half-Italian beauty may be new to the scene, but she is ready to take on any challenge. After outsmarting Victoria in their first match, climbing under the ring to gain valuable time, Bella defeated Victoria in a rematch on SmackDown, proving she is not going to be an easy Diva to deal with. While Brie is a former model, actress, and soccer player, she has left those accolades in her past and has set her new goal to climb to the top of the Divas Division and compete for the Divas Championship.


A self-admitted “tom boy” with a girlie side, Nikki – a former model, actress, and soccer star – followed her twin sister Brie’s lead in coming to WWE. Although the knockout pair did not get chosen in the 2006 WWE RAW Diva Search, they did not give up on their dream of becoming WWE Divas. After being motivated by the career of Dusty Rhodes, combined with months of hard training in FCW, Nikki’s dream became a reality in 2008 and is now turning heads along with Brie on Friday nights. But, Nikki wants the WWE Universe to know that she is not just a pretty face. She has trained very hard and wants to be judged for her moves in the ring. Our TV sets are now glued to MyNetwork TV!

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